Purchase Training Seats
Purchase Training Seats

The training program is sold on a per-seat basis. Each student to be trained requires a separate seat. Please enter the number of seats required for your company below and click the Continue Purchase button.

Enter Training Seats

To train a specific number of students, enter the number of seats for your staff below. Corporations and larger organizations can select the Unlimited Option to obtain greater savings.
Number of Seats Unlimited (12 Months)
Training Seats are conveniently priced to accommodate any size organization.
1-4 $289/student
5-11 $249/student
12-24 $199/student
25-49 $175/student
50+ $155/student
Unlimited $8,900
Intro to Dentistry:
19 Self-Paced Online Modules
24/7 Online Access
Real-Time Tracking and Reports

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